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A Smart Approach to Mental Health

Your Story is Not a Disorder

Perhaps you’re experiencing a mental health issue. Maybe you didn’t get the care you needed in the past. You might even be afraid of what will happen in therapy or what medication will do to your brain. No matter the reason, your story is not a disorder.  Learn more about psychiatric services and how you can rewrite your narrative.

Learn your life story

Support your path toward positive changes

Address your fears

Equip you with tools to thrive

Provide clarity on your condition

Improve your quality of life

Your Mental Health Care

I take a cautious approach to understanding your background, culture and influences to determine the best course of action for you.


Medication Management: I assess the necessity and usefulness of medication, discuss options, explain possible side effects, adjust dosing and observe efficacy over time. Medication is dependent on each patient’s needs.


Psychotherapy: I am trained in several forms of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral and prolonged exposure therapy. 


Behavioral and Mindset Coaching: Although both treatment forms above are used to treat illness, some patients don’t meet the criteria for an illness, but nevertheless feel stuck and need some guidance to reach their potential.  

Cultural and Religious Sensitivity: I also integrate a faith-based approach for patients who believe in the healing power of a higher power or have a different cultural background.

My Approach
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