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Brigitte Apfel, MD

Psychiatrist, Therapist, & Coach

Providing you with care grounded in empathy, sensitivity and respect using psychotherapeutic techniques and medication to improve your overall well-being: Working with you in a collaborative style and creating a nurturing environment for your personal growth.

There are Many Reasons ...

Sometimes a sudden event changes your life so that your usual strategies do not work anymore, and sometimes little things grow over time to a huge mountain which seems unsurmountable, sometimes you may just feel stuck. I offer a safe, judgment-free environment to address therapeutically these common issues for adult professionals.
  • You experience a depressed mood, anxiety, worries, irritability, insomnia, or excessive overwhelm

  • You want to thrive in your personal life and at work 

  • You’ve tried to solve your problems however your usual coping mechanisms - which were helpful so far - are not working anymore

  • You want to overcome traumatic experiences

  • You’re high functioning despite your condition, but know you need expert help

  • You want to control and to alleviate your emotions.

  • You’re willing to confront your fears because you know the future can be better.

  • You know you can’t keep living life like this.

"Dr. Apfel –


you are such an amazing doctor who totally heard my words and my heart.  So very compassionate, positive, and helpful for my healing.  Very sensitive to my needs, thoughts and feelings.  Thank you for all your professional help in having such a caring heart."

Christine from Marin County 

Praise for Dr. Apfel

Transform Your Mind for the Life You Want

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